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July 16th

Are you planning to attend service at Lakewood Church, in Houston, Texas?

If you are, we'd like to say WELCOME. Lakewood Church is our church and it has changed our lives. As Lakewood members, we'd like to assist you and try and make your trip to Houston as joyful as possible. It's the hopes of this web site to provide those thinking about visiting Lakewood Church with the latest information concerning the church and Pastor Joel's busy travel schedule. We have access to the current bulletin handed out before service every sunday and we'd be more than happy to share the latest information with you.
Lakewood's Central Campus is NOW Open!!! Come Join Us!!!

As you no doubt know, the former home of the Houston Rockets, the Compaq Center, is now Lakewood Church. Lakewood is the largest AND the fastest growing church in America. Under the leadership of Pastor Joel the growth has been amazing. We have been personal witnesses to the congregation explosion during the past six years. Our congregation is racially mixed like no other church in the United States too. We are 1/3 white, 1/3 black and 1/3 hispanic with a strong asian presence as well. If you ever get the chance, please come join us in worship. You will never be the same.

We serve an awesome God and he is doing awesome things at Lakewood Church. Spend a sunday with us and experience what we experience EVERY Sunday at Lakewood.
Current Sunday Church Service Schedule for 8:30am and 11am

All August, 2005 Sunday services are currently scheduled to be lead by Pastor Joel Osteen.

The 1:30pm Sunday spanish speaking service is lead by Pastor Marcos Witt.

***Note: Saturday night 7pm services for August 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th will also be lead by Pastor Joel Osteen.

***Please also note that the times & dates listed are taken straight from the church bulletin and are subject to change.

If you have a specific question concerning Lakewood Church...

Please email us directly. Besides being church members, we know many of the prayer partners, ushers, choir members and even the traffic control officers. If you have a question or a comment we'd love to hear from you today.
Email us at:

Need Directions? Hotel Information?
As Houston residents we can provide you accurate door to door directions from your hotel to Lakewood. We can tell you where to stay and where not to stay. We can also warn you of road closures due to major construction on our freeways. We want your trip to Houston to be as safe and as stress free as possible. Email us at the above address for more information.

Lakewood Church Information

If you haven't visited Lakewood Church's web site, please do. It's a site full of information about the church. It is also a place to order tapes, books or watch Lakewood's service via the internet. So keep informed and check out their site.

Official Lakewood Church Web Site

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